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stock video footage archive and portfolio. 
We offer footage in 4k UHD and in HD. 

Stock video footage archive and portfolio about Madeira island. Our stock video footage includes several video clips about all top tourism destinations and locations in Madeira. Our video clips are available in 4k UHD and in HD. More about this we offer footage like timelapses of sunsets, clouds, stock videos about amazing landscapes, mountains and nature, harbor and maritime themes of Madeira, like also traffic footage called streetviews which are taken with camcorders mounted inside and outside the car. At every page of this site you will find a link to our main portfolio Madeira which includes much more stock video footage which is available in HD and taken at different seasons. Our 4k UHD and HD stock video footage is available for private and commercial use.

  Last Update: August 24, 2015 (will be updated soon)
More than 1000 video clips online! Stock video clips since 2014 / 2015 are available in 4k UHD!

Quick Link, our whole actual stock-video collection about the Madeira islands: 
Madeira is a portuguese island 951 km south-western of Lissabon and 737 km western of the maroccan coast in the atlantic ocean. Madeira belongs with the smaller island Porto Santo and the uninhabited smaller archipelago Ilhas Desertas to the archipelago Madeira, which combines with the also uninhabited Ilhas Selvagens the autonome region Madeira. As a part of Portugal Madeira belongs to the European Union. 94,5 % of the inhabitants of Madeira belongs to the roman-catholic church. Madeira has around 235.000 inhabitants and an area of 801 km². 741 km² of this belongs to the main island Madeira and 42,5 km² to the smaller island Porto Santo, 14,2 km² to Ilhas Desertas and 3,6 km² to Ilhas Selvagens.

Please note: is not a tourism or travel portal for public information, but if you only want to get some inside views and inspirations for your next holidays you're welcome. Infos and descriptions which i offer here are not warranted. More about this, this site isn't a complete overview of the whole "Madeira" islands. There are places which i havn't visited till now. If you're looking for stock video footage, or maybe only to get some visual impressions from the islands "Madeira" you're right here and i hope you'll find what you're looking for. So or so i don't offer any support for private interests. If you want to buy any stock video clips and footage and have questions, i'll answer you soon if i can. Please use for this our contact form.
Clips with recognizable people or trademarks and no model/property release on file may be suitable for press or editorial (news and documentary) usage only.
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